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Locksmith Portsmouth uPVC door Lock specialist.

    Locksmith Portsmouth uPVC  door lock specialist       

 Locksmith Portsmouth,Lock-on Security.I can supply and fit your Double glazed door locks and Mechanisms.                                       Double glazed Doors & windows will keep your home Secure & warm.If you begin to get any Problems with double glazed door locking mechanisms,do not start to force them open or closed. These Door locks/Mechanisms will break/seize when forced opened/closed. Double glazed doors will sometimes start to slip down causing the Lock to stick or not fully engage.It is the hooks or bolts trying to engage in their keeps in Your door frame but catching the Inner frame.These problems can be fixed by your Local Locksmith Portsmouth. No you do not need a Brand new front door. The door will need to adjusted or made square again with some packing and adjusting. If you do force the Handle to lock or unlock & the mechanisms brakes, it can be replaced for you. Emergency Locksmith Portsmouth & Boarding repair service Lock-on Security, offers double glazed Door Lock advice.                                       What is Lock snapping ?                                                               Standard Euro cylinders fitted into loads of UK homes have a Big weakness that can allow (Those that know) Very quick access to Your homes.This can be done with simple DIY tools. These Facts have been known by locksmiths for some time.The weakness in double glazed door Euro cylinders has been known to the lock manufacturers for many years, a Locksmith went public with their Local press with the problem back in 2006 due to many occurrences with burglars using the simple technique. Double glazed Lock Snapping has become the preferred method of attack against UK homes. Recent BBC reports have highlighted a steady increase this is being used in burglaries  using this technique & Police crime statistics show that around 27% of all burglaries in some areas involved Lock Snapping.                                               What is the problem ?                                                                   The principle of Lock snapping is very Simple-apply some force to a Euro cylinder & it will snap at the fixing point. Once snapped they have Access to all the  Multi-point door controlling all of the Bolts & hooks & latches that Secure your door within a few seconds.          Thieves are taking advantage of  of this entry technique to gain entry to properties. They are often looking for quick access to your car keys.!!. Do not make it easy for them.                                     This method has been known for many years but relevant bodies have not been alerting the Public. But Now due to the increase in this method being used  many Police Forces. Standard agencies are now making  all the public fully AWARE.

 The Simple solution is lock manufactures have now developed a few designs of Snap resistant Euro cylinders. At Lock-on Security your Locksmith Portsmouth I cover Portsmouth postcodes and surrounding areas and I encourage the fitting of these more secure Euro cylinders.Some of the best Snap resistant locks at a affordable prices with peace of mind, which means you can have secure doors & piece of mind without braking the bank. Contact Portsmouth Locksmith Chris to discuss any concerns you may have with your Home/Properties Security.

 If you install high security locks how sure are you that they would withstand the most common method of attack Lock Snapping. Are you aware that even if a lock has a anti-snap line it does not mean that it is guaranteed to break off at the line to stop entry, in the vast majority of cases it still snaps in the middle. And even if the sacrificial section is removed, it can still be attacked again to gain entry. New standards are now in place to test a euro cylinders strength and resilience against lock snapping attacks. The new British standard awards a 3 star rating if the lock has resisted a lock snapping attack and a 1 star rating means that it would also require a 2 star rated security handle to offer sufficient security against a snapping attack. The significance of this is that a one star rated lock has not actually passed any snapping tests and might offer no more protection than a standard euro cylinder against lock snapping!

  Generally locksmiths are required to repair, adjust, and install locks and Security Hardware, They make keys and modify lock combinations. The professional locksmith Portsmouth, Lock-on Security works on institutional, commercial, and residential locks. In some cases, locksmiths install and carry out maintenance on advanced security systems. Their tasks may vary depending on the specific industry they work in.
 Locksmith Portsmouth, Lock-on Security can help homeowners to make their houses safer by providing and installing various high-security systems. I can provide key less locks, deadlocks, key control systems, and window bars that are designed to enhance home safety.                                                                                         Residential Portsmouth Locksmiths are also trained to repair, adjust, and replace defective or damaged elements in exit or entry doors. Some of the components that they work on include hinges, and electric release systems.  In some cases, it may be necessary to replace an entire door if repairs are not sufficient to solve the problem.                                                                                     Moving Home,if you are moving into a new apartment or house and you are concerned about security, Your Locksmith Portsmouth Lock-on Security can change your lock combinations.                   For industries, institutions, and governments that are particularly concerned about security, locksmiths can design intricate master key system to make it difficult for unauthorised individuals to gain access to certain areas.                                                               Commercial Portsmouth locksmith adjusts and services key machines. They can also make it possible for you to access your home, office or car if you are locked out. Locksmith  Portsmouth lock-on Security is trained to open lock cylinders even when you do not have your keys.                                                                              Mobile Portsmouth Locksmith , Lock-on Security, Your 24 Hour emergency  Locksmith Portsmouth carries out repairs in the field. I am trained to access door locks using lock picks. You can contact me if you lose your car keys.  This type of locksmith will also install emergency exit components,a door closer, and locks. In addition, they re-align your doors and replace hinges.                                     24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Portsmouth, Lock-on Security can respond to Routine and emergency service and repair calls from clients. As part of my job,Locksmiths Portsmouth, Lock-on Security recommend suitable locking and security systems. And Security Hard wear for clients. They can recommend the use of window and door locks, closed-circuit television (CCTV), alarms,Security Hardware and safes depending on the client’s security needs. Portsmouth Locksmiths also test security systems and locks that they install to ensure they are working properly.                             Some Locks are easily Snapped/Forced open.We all like to think that our doors are nice and secure with all those Bolts and hooks in the Locking Mechanism system.If it Locks in Six different places, no one could force their way through it,Right ? But the trouble is if the door is not fitted  right or if its sash is not made properly, you can pop open one of these Locks in less than 10 seconds.This is not the case with all locks/Euro Cylinders.The Locking Mechanisms with Hooks or shoot bolts can not be popped open very easily.Keep your Homes secure with Locksmith Portsmouth.

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